Universal City Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

It All Began in 1996...

Our Mission

The mission of the Universal City Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association is to support the Universal City Police Department and enhance the Department’s relationship with the community, promote the continued growth and development of the Association and the Citizens Police Academy, and participate in activities that contribute to the well-being of the community.


Our History

Our Association, Universal City (TX) Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association (UCCPAAA) was formed in the Spring of 2007. It was created with the assistance of Chief of Police, Ron Meek (now retired) along with a citizens committee. His support was invaluable and our organization exists due to his efforts to get more citizen involvement. This level of support has continued under current Chief Johnny Siemens.

We would like to encourage all citizens of Universal City and individuals who work in Universal City to become part of our organization. Applicants for membership must be graduates in good standing of the Universal City Citizens Police Academy.

Our association was incorporated on Nov 5, 2007 with the State of Texas; approved by the IRS as a Non-Profit (501(c)3 organization and consists of graduates of the Citizens Police Academy Program.


Our Purpose

  • The Alumni Association was formed:
    • To maintain a relationship with the Universal City Police Department as a support group; to provide assistance and services which partner and support the Universal City Police Department and its officers. 
    • To stimulate education within the community regarding the practices and procedures of the Universal City Police Department, and other law enforcement issues.
    • To open channels of communication, dispel misconceptions, and promote a better understanding between the citizenry of Universal City and the police department.
    • To support future Universal City Police Department Citizens Police Academy classes, and develop closer contact with the graduates of these classes.
    • To interact with other Citizens Police Academies, and state and national alumni associations to promote or implement mutual areas of interest.

Our UCCPAAA Officers


2022 Secretary [email protected]

Paul Najarian

2023 Treasurer