Universal City Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

Neighborhood Watch

A strong Neighborhood Watch program is one of the most effective and enjoyable things a street or neighborhood can do to protect itself against crimes and their perpetrators. Most crimes that occur in neighborhoods are crimes of opportunity where criminals are on the lookout for easy targets. The goal of Neighborhood Watch is to eliminate these targets. Residents of strong Neighborhood Watch streets and neighborhoods are protected because they have been “trained” to be more vigilant and are inclined to report suspicious vehicles, activities and people to the Universal City Police Department, and the criminals know that. It’s difficult to quantify the results of active Neighborhood Watch programs because their net effect is crimes NOT committed, and those don’t show up on the police blotter or in crime statistics. Except for a nominal charge for the signs, Neighborhood Watch programs are cost-free and are a great way to become acquainted – or reacquainted – with a larger cross-section of your neighbors.

  • The first step is to take positive actions to protect your own home and car:

    • Keep your porch lights on at night
    • Keep shrubbery away from windows to prevent hiding places
    • Leave indoor light(s) on random timer
    • Do not open your door to strangers
    • Replace original locks with more secure deadbolts
    • Keep unused doors and windows locked, even when you are inside
    • Do not place mail with personal info in your mailbox (take it inside the post office)
    • Make list of serial numbers or identification info for valuable items
    • Close your garage door if you are working in the backyard
    • Lock the door into your house from the garage
    • Lock your car with valuables in trunk (including radar and GPS devices)
    • Park car in garage if possible


    When you leave your home for extended absences:

    • Notify neighbors
    • Cancel newspaper and mail or arrange for pickup
    • Arrange for yard care
    • Notify police


    Additional steps often associated with a Neighborhood Watch program are:

    • Appoint a Block Captain to coordinate neighbor crime prevention activities 
    • Conduct periodic get-togethers to acquaint yourself with your neighbors 
    • Periodically check on homes of absent neighbors 
    • Place neighbors old newspapers up by their front door
    •  Install Neighborhood Watch sign 
    • Attend the Universal City Citizens Police Academy 
    • Report inoperable streetlights to CPS and UCPD Dispatch (658-5353, Ext. 1) 
    • Report suspicious activity and/or persons to UCPD Dispatch (658-5353, Ext. 1)